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GGCandle has a story to be shared, and hopefully it will inspire and give courage to many others. My candles are made with the intension of being a reminder to each of us of the bright light within us. And it all began, as a reminder to myself.

I have been a single mother for 8 years taking the responsibility alone of two little girls. In order for me to make our ends meet, I needed to start to think outside the box with my already existing skin care business. As I was already using candles in my treatments, I decided to learn how to make my own. This way, I could have all natural, environmentally friendly candles that were safe to use not just in my own home but to be shared with the clients as well.

 After many sleepless nights and many pounds of wasted soy wax, my candles began to come to life. Four years of non-stop work later, I have mastered my candle collection. It all started in my kitchen, I expanded to our dining room, to living room and finally our sunroom too. This collection includes a line of healing candles – the 7 different "Chakra Energy" candles, seasonal candles, and everyday simple reminders of the light within us such as "Namaste" and "Shanti". I also honor others with the candles "Happy Birthday", "Just BeCause", "Calming", “Friendship”, “Rejuvenate” and one for the "Newborn".

 My girls are now 11 and 12 years old. From a very young age my children, got used to spending our quality time around candle making. Our conversations, stories were always in this working set up, where they fast learned the trade of candle making. We’d come up with new names and fragrances. Even the font on the labels was a decision we all took part in. It was important for me to teach the girls from very young age that when you believe and put your mind into something, it will all happen.  As young as they were, they learned the integrity and true values of working and to see for themselves how everything started to unfold.                 

My girls are a huge part of GGCandle. They are the founding members, my true core, and the inspiration to each batch we pour.

 Today my candles are sold online nationally and internationally, as well as in several specialty stores in New York, New Jersey, Staten Island and in Europe, and now in my GGSkin studio on Forest Avenue located on Staten Island. NY

 I welcome you to the world of GGCandle. With Love always.









Let the light from these candles be a reminder of the bright light within you.​

      - Gilah