I've had numerous GG Candles of all different scents, and they are my favorite candles to burn. These candles never lose there potency. I will burn one for hours in one room of my house and the whole house is filled with that scent. Not only are your candles so peaceful and enjoyable, but I know they are made with great passion. Thank you for putting your time and love into making these wonderful candles.

Katherine  Staten Island, NY 

Sanctuary Boutique November 2015


My @ggcandle , natural soy-based candle, helps me to feel incredible tranquility, helping this busy multi-tasking mama to unwind after a long day. Each GG customized candle is extraordinarily special; incorporating specific scents based on the chakras. Her custom formulas are like no other. CEO of @ggcandle, Gilah Gurovitsch, is a an empowering Mompreneur, a mentor, a friend, an angel and a healer, as well as a humble master celebrity aesthetician and candle maker. Her purpose is to help others see their light within; to feel healthy, beautiful, and to feel their inner calm. Light them while you are in tree pose, or after the kiddies are asleep.These candles are little gifts from heaven. I know one day very soon I will see them in every yoga studio, salon, and boutique across the country. GG- I am lucky for you and your healing. 

Lauren - NYC

CEO - www.babysooth.com


I have a spiritual business that takes me to many trade shows, street fairs and yoga festivals. I always make burning a GGCandle next to me my booth a priority - the abundance and expression chakra candles keep me open to receive love and light and to connect with new customers and new opportunities. When I am in my design office creating new pieces, i burn calming and sister goddess to infuse my work with my positive intentions. I can't imagine my life without these wondrous gifts!

Shelby - NYC



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It is extremely hard to find natural candles. It is impossible to find them made by someone so determined, genuine, loving and passionate as Gilah. She pours her energy into these candles and you can feel it when you burn them. Never have I encountered a candle that smelled as good and "clean" at the same time! It doesn't get any more natural. These candles are not only mood changers, but life changers. They calm and encourage, sooth and motivate. They activate the life within as they illuminate your soul. I have never purchased another brand of candle since I met Gilah (8 years ago) and I never will. 

Lauren - NJ

When I arrive at my office every morning, I light one of your candles while I silently reflect on my intentions for the day to come. This is a ritual I follow day in and day out. It grounds me and allows me to enjoy a moment of peace. This has become a place holder in my everyday life.

The scent of a GGCandle has come to represent focus and positive intention for me. Thank you for offering a wonderful gift to the world. 

​Gerald - NY